Tips To Increase The Life Of Your Solar Panels


According to a study, solar energy constitutes 13.5% of the total electricity generated from renewable sources in the USA. So you can understand the significance of solar energy in US society. Thousands and millions of solar panels are installed all around the country. They are expensive initially, but they become free after a certain period, they become free.

Unfortunately, the cost of solar batteries has increased to 5% in recent times. Now that adds a bit to the cost burdens. So you need to optimize the solar energy panels.

There are some ways through which you can increase the life of solar panels. Let’s discuss them here so that you can benefit from the discussion.

Some Interesting Facts And Stats On The Solar Energy

Before moving directly into the tips, let us discuss some vital stats on solar energy. This will enrich your knowledge and understanding of the topic. The USA has stiffened laws and regulations on solar energy sources. It means that the future is quite bright with solar energy. Solar energy is an important topic, and public awareness must be built.

  1. The USA installed enough solar panels in the year 2022, which is capable of powering 22 million households. Therefore massive energy drives are carried out in the country.
  2. Solar panels in the USA cost around $ 10878 to $ 21765. However, new technologies are entering the market, and it is hoped the cost of these solar panels will come down in the future.
  3. The Inflation Reduction Act was passed in the month of August 2022. It bears some constructive significance. With the help of this act, the number of solar panels will be incentivised in the year 2022 alone. Consequently, there will be an increase in the installation of solar energy between the years 2023 and 2027.

These stats provide enough conviction that the solar movement in the USA is going on the right track for sure.

The Benefit Of Solar Energy

Now the entire world realizes the benefit of solar energy. This is the reason that they are trying within their capacity to invest in solar energy. So let’s try to understand solar energy and its benefits here.

1. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Please know that the earth’s temperature has increased to around 1.1 degrees compared to the pre-industrial levels (1850-1900). However, the Paris Agreement 2015 has pledged that the global community must restrain the temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

If the global temperature overtakes the danger mark, it is bound to usher in real problems in the future. Therefore, the benefits need to be done on the pedestal of this very premonition.

2. Saving Electric Bills

It is no secret that coal and petroleum are non-renewable sources of energy. Their prices are increasing with time. But rapid increases in electricity affect your pocket in the long run. Solar energy can be a long-term solution to your problem.

They might be cost-intensive at the beginning, but at some point in time, they become free of cost. Therefore do not fear the 5% increase in prices. Instead, think about the future benefits you will get here.

3. Makeup During The Shortage

From the perspective of energy shortage and consumer benefit, it can be said that the supply of electricity can be disrupted. It can be due to more than one. In that case, solar energy can be highly beneficial. It can provide you with a ceaseless supply during important hours.

Tips To Increase The Life Of The Solar Panels

There are some ways through which you can increase the life of solar panels. Let us try to understand them here.

1. Clean Your Solar Panels Regularly

The surface of the solar panels is the main element in solar energy kits. Make sure that you clear the dust or other particles regularly. Also, take the initiative to save your panels from stone pelting. It is important to brush them off repetitively for the areas that receive snowfalls.

2. Regularly Inspect The Solar Panels

You must regularly inspect the solar panels to see if they are working properly. If you understand that there isn’t much of a problem, it’s fine. But if you get the slightest of issues with your solar panels, call the experts to take the required initiatives. This is important from the point of view of the long-lasting life of your solar panels.

3. Get The Best One For You

Buy the best and forget the rest. This, if not fully applicable with solar panels, but partly applicable. Many companies are engaged in making solar photovoltaic cells. You can get them under different price ranges. But the best ones can provide you with more efficiency.

For example, if you buy LG or Sunpower, you can get a high efficiency of around 22%. So you need to go for branded products. They can save you in the long run.

4. Set The Panels At The Right Angle

If you want to get the best results with your solar panels, you need to install them at the right angle. This is because the angle receives most of the sunlight all throughout the year. This is how you are optimizing the solar panels. So keeping the panels at the proper angle is one of the prerequisites to this development.

5. High Concentrated Photovoltaic Cells

There is a difference between high-quality solar panels and highly concentrated photovoltaic cells. They are indeed advantageous in the long run. But you might ask how it is possible. The best quality photovoltaic cells can provide you with an efficiency of 22%. But with the highly concentrated ones, you can reach an efficiency of 46%. But you will have to pay more price for these solar panels.

Closing The Discussion

Solar energy is for future generations. There has been a strong awareness of solar energy. A general solar panel lasts for 25 to 30 years.

But due to indifference, they don’t last that long. Therefore if you need to make the most out of solar panels, you need to bring in the technology. So follow the advice to make your solar panels last long.