CIFA to celebrate Magnum mixer-pump’s 50th anniversary at GIC 2024

CIFA is set to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its game-changing Magnum mixer-pump during GIC 2024, the largest dedicated concrete exhibition taking place in Europe this year. Scheduled 18-20th April at Piacenza Expo in Italy, the event will serve as a platform to unite customers, suppliers, and business partners at the CIFA stand PAD.1 B35 for festivities recognising the Magnum’s lasting industry impact as well as CIFA’s continuous innovation in the mixer-pump category.

CIFA invented the mixer-pump in 1974 to address the challenges posed by confined jobsites, especially in urban locations. This ingenious idea eliminated the need for separate mixers and pumps, saving space, time, and resources. Under the name “Magnum”, these versatile machines quickly became indispensable across all project sizes, particularly for businesses seeking a single investment for both concrete transport and on-site distribution.

Driven by continuous innovation, CIFA has relentlessly improved the Magnum over the decades, enhancing its stability, speed, reach, and weight – and in 2019 the company introduced the first fully electric mixer-pump, setting a new standard for low-carbon construction practices.

Reflecting on the Magnum concrete mixer pump’s significance, Davide Cipolla, CEO of CIFA, said: “This machine, born from Italian ingenuity, has marked an important chapter in CIFA’s history, becoming a symbol of innovation and flexibility in the industry. The Magnum’s story is a journey into innovation. From the introduction of the front-mounted boom to the latest versions with carbon fibre booms and the electric model, the Magnum has consistently evolved to keep pace with the needs of our clients on the construction site. Tomorrow, we will continue to push the boundaries of innovation for an increasingly sustainable construction site. Thanks to all who have contributed to making this extraordinary success story possible, to both the CIFA of yesterday and today.”