SANY releases advanced excavator to suit more working conditions

SANY, as China’s top excavator manufacturer, recently released an advanced excavator model–SY50U, covering a wider range of working conditions than its previous models-SY16C and SY35U.

Zero tail swing makes the machine more flexible
The brand-new excavators SY50U is specially designed to meet higher requirements in urban construction, agricultural application, landscaping, and so on. “SY50U’s zero tail swing radius and independent boom swing allow its operation in extremely confined spaces. Its maximum right boom swing distance is 710mm, while the left one is 745mm, making it can work near the wall corner without frequently moving the machine,” Tan Xin said, a designer of SY50U.

Key components save energy and improve efficiency
SY50U adopts eco-friendly tier 4 engine, advanced SLSS hydraulic system, optimal power control and work mode selection, which greatly improve speed and power while reduce fuel consumption. A data based on field trail shows that SY50U reduces fuel consumption by 15 per cent and improves efficiency by 14.2 per cent.

Bob, who is a client in Australia gave a high appraisal to SANY SY50U after he applied the machine in his construction project. “I purchased SANY SY50U a few months ago. The machine is powerful and easy to operate. Compared with other machines of mine, SY50U saves more fuel but generates more efficiency,” he said that SY50U is a cost-effective machine and greatly pushed ahead the project schedule.

Applicable for tough working conditions
To be applied in low-temperature environment, SY50U is specially designed with function of automatic preheating by engine in order to operate in low-temperature working conditions. It enables SY50U can be used in the environment even the temperature lower than 15 degrees below zero.

A user-friendly and comfortable machine
Heavy-duty machinery not always means hard to manipulate and uncomfortable user’s experience. It can be comfortable and easy to operate just like SY50U. Designed with broad view, adjustable seat and air conditioner, SY50U is comfortable enough to operate in various working sites.

The excavator is equipped with large engine hood which is easy to be opened and enables the operator to complete daily maintenance on the ground. The machine’s centralized inner structure that integrates all key parts gathered in the back of the excavator, including air filter, oil filter, water separator, oil dipstick, expansion tank and oil filling mouth, greatly reduces maintenance difficulty.

John, An American client who purchased SY50U for farm renovation said that SY50U has larger seat and air conditioner which make him very comfortable to operate the machine even in a hot day. “SY50U’s easy-maintenance design really saves my time and money. I can handle the daily maintenance and simple repair all by myself,” he said.

Now, the advanced excavator SY50U is available in U.S., Europe and Australia, expecting to bring more convenience and high efficiency to the clients in these regions.