To Build Hydrogen Pipeline, Cadent-UK Is Seeking Contractors

World Construction Today – To lessen its dependency on fossil gas, Cadent intends to construct a pipeline that will deliver hydrogen to industrial users in the northwest. It will be the first large-scale 100% hydrogen pipeline in the UK and a constituent of the HyNet low-carbon cluster.

The first stage in the acquisition of these and other services was the release of the opportunity to provide engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning (EPCC) capabilities for the first 100% hydrogen pipeline at scale in the UK at the end of July 2022.

The network is expected to include 125 km of subterranean high-pressure steel pipelines and accompanying lower-pressure spurs, as well as hydrogen above-ground infrastructure (HAGIs).

In order to complete the whole EPCC scope, which includes the engineering, sourcing, building, and commissioning of the new pipeline network, Cadent is seeking a singular body, which may include JVs or consortia.

To connect the EPCC bidders who have been shortlisted with regional suppliers and small and medium-sized businesses in the northwest, Cadent is organising supplier events in November and December.

According to Rob Donovan, project director at Cadent, “We’re eager to hear from organisations that have the expertise to offer these services to deliver this, leading to the UK’s first large-scale hydrogen network in the northwest. A forward-thinking organisation has a great chance to contribute to the creation of new hydrogen networks that will provide today’s energy.

Cadent expects to begin work on the first section of the hydrogen network in 2025, following the building of the Stanlow hydrogen generating plant.