How can construction be made more sustainable?

Unsurprisingly, the construction industry has a damaging impact on the environment. It chews through natural resources and the construction process consumes a significant amount of carbon. Indeed, the UK’s built environment contributes – which encompasses construction – contributes to around 40 per cent of the UK’s carbon emissions. And the construction industry contributes to 12 per cent of carbon emissions globally. But with the UK pushing towards net zero targets by 2050 and rising consumer interest in sustainability, it’s time construction changed. Below, we explore how it can be made more sustainable.

What is sustainable construction?

Sustainable construction refers to the process of altering the industry and its techniques to reduce the harm it causes to the environment or living creatures. By making construction sustainable, you’re producing the buildings society needs in the present, without damaging future generations.

Role of site managers in promoting sustainability

The site manager will have to promote sustainability on each construction site as the industry begins to pivot towards net zero targets. This is because they are responsible for the standards set on the site and the operations and processes that employees follow. Construction site managers earn their salary for upholding these values and by promoting beneficial processes in the workplace. Promoting sustainability begins with creating a sustainability strategy – this involves taking a look at current processes to see where you might improve. Furthermore, you can promote sustainability by using green materials, using trusted suppliers and by setting sustainability standards on site.

Why is sustainable construction important?

Sustainable construction is important because of the industry’s dramatic impact on the environment. For a start, the carbon emissions it produces contribute to global warming which poses a significant risk to all life on Earth. Beyond this, the construction industry is responsible for the loss of green wildlife as well. By pivoting towards sustainability, construction can help us meet the needs of the present without damaging future life though.

Techniques for sustainable construction

There are some techniques that you can try implementing to boost sustainability on your construction site. For a start, prefabricating materials in a controlled environment can reduce waste, ensuring you only use the resources that are necessary. Meanwhile, for any waste you have left, by recycling at a higher rate you can make the construction process more efficient. Finally, by selecting materials from sustainable, recycling producers you can eliminate some of the carbon production from your construction process.

The construction industry will have to push towards sustainability at a quicker rate in the coming years. And by following the guide above, you should be all set to implement higher stands on your site.