Strategic Plan For 2023-26 Unveiled By Dubai Land Department

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has unveiled its updated strategic plan and vision until 2026, defining the characteristics and defining its trajectories for the following three years.

The new strategic strategy facilitates efforts to improve the nation’s economy while maintaining compatibility with recent and anticipated advancements and practises on a global scale.

DLD claims that its main goal is to increase real estate investment leadership on a worldwide scale.

According to the statement, the strategy’s final form is the product of ongoing work by several team members at DLD to guarantee the best outcomes that are consistent with present and future global trends and practices. The new corporate mission and values of DLD, which are being implemented in three phases and including the department’s staff, partners, and clients in the strategic plan development process, are as follows:

The mission is to enable the real estate community by offering seamless real estate services, effective legislation, and unified data through collaborations, leading digital infrastructure, and engaged human capital.

The vision is to be the global leader in real estate investments.

The values comprise effective teamwork, a focus on people, justice, passion, and fearlessness.

DLD claims that the work put into creating the new strategic plan showed a number of innovative and forward-thinking concepts, the most notable of which were five primary pillars.

The first is a ground-breaking real estate model that improves the sector’s sustainability and preparedness while assuring efficient real estate sector governance.

The second pillar entails acting as an incubator for real estate innovation by promoting an appealing real estate market on a global scale and utilising technology to speed the creation of real estate alternatives.

The third is a data-driven industry, maximising the value contributed by industry data and fostering greater industry knowledge, confidence, and openness.

The fourth is Agile DLD, which aims to create a thriving digital ecosystem, increase corporate governance effectiveness, and foster collaboration between the public and private sectors.

The fifth and final pillar is called Exceptional Journeys 2.0, and it focuses on creating an environment where employees come first, revitalising the DLD brand to strengthen its position, and adopting a proactive, human-focused strategy, according to the statement.

Additionally, DLD has recognised the strategic initiatives and categorised them using a priority matrix and ease of use.

The following three key phases will be used to implement these:

  • To ensure that DLD adjusts to the suggested adjustments, quick-gain projects are the first to be launched.
  • The second step is to give the real estate industry and DLD the power they need to make the change happen smoothly. This is called empowerment.
  • The third step involves creating a long-lasting impact by extending the influence sphere to include the entire world’s real estate market.

In an effort to secure the best outcomes and results, DLD has updated its strategy based on four basic principles: sustainable impact, local adaptation, global leadership, and cooperation and harmonization. In addition to supporting the goals of the other sectors and strategic directions, the new plan also represents a qualitative improvement that would increase the real estate sector’s contributions to Dubai’s GDP, it was said.