Eurovia to continue modernising the Košice tramway in Slovakia

Eurovia, the VINCI subsidiary specialising in transport infrastructure and urban development, has been awarded the eight works packages of the second phase of the modernisation of the tramway in Košice, Slovakia’s second largest city.

Worth almost €80 million, this new contract follows on from the first phase of works, completed by Eurovia between April and October 2015 (for €20 million).The second phase covers the acquisition the rehabilitation of the 33 km network, which consists of 15 urban and suburban lines, and the acquisition of new rolling stock.

For the gradual modernisation of the tracks, which will start at the end of 2016 and take two years to complete, the emphasis will be on scheduling so as to limit as far as possible the impact on traffic in this city with its population of almost 250,000.

In all, Eurovia’s teams will work on 449 engineering structures. The rails will be entirely replaced and the utility networks affected will be re-routed. Electrical equipment, signalling, lighting and all tramway and bus platforms will be modernised. Lastly, new information systems and a CCTV monitoring system will be installed.

Eurovia has become a leading player in tramway infrastructure in major Slovakian cities. In addition to the two phases of works for the Košice system, Eurovia participated in the construction of new tramway lines in Brastislava between 2013 and 2015, a project that included the reconstruction of the capital’s famous Old Bridge.

About Eurovia
Eurovia, a subsidiary of VINCI, is a world leader in the construction of transport infrastructure and urban development. Eurovia builds transport infrastructure, including roads, highways, railways, and airport and tramway platforms, and contributes to industrial, commercial, and urban site development. In addition, the Company possesses extensive know-how in related areas: demolition and deconstruction, sanitation, excavation, roadwork and utility networks, signage, engineering structures, and noise-attenuation solutions. The Company also controls its supply chain through its industrial network, which produces aggregates and materials for roadway and railwork construction projects. Eurovia operates in 16 countries, employs 39,000 people, and achieved sales of €8.4 billion in

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