US$5.5 Billion Infrastructure Boost For Paraguay In 5 Years

According to the Minister of Public Works and Communications, Claudia Centurion, Paraguay’s infrastructure will receive an investment of roughly US $5.5 billion over the upcoming 5 years through the 2028 Road Infrastructure Plan. The investment represents an average of 4% of the country’s GDP.

Centurion stated that the investments will be carried out by the Ministry of Public Works and Communications- MOPC and are expected to create a significant number of job opportunities.

They are committed to modernising the transport networks to enhance the smooth movement of goods and people. This will help them solidify their role as a central hub for investment and trade. According to Centurion, they are committed to completing the Bioceanic Corridor and have recognised the significance of the PY05 route corridor, which only requires the construction of a single route between Pozo Colorado and General Díaz to be fully completed.

During the conference on Infrastructure Development: Betting on the Growth of Paraguay, she highlighted the main goal of the current government, which is to turn Paraguay into a multimodal logistics hub for the region.

In order to accomplish this objective, they will make investments to enhance road connectivity as well as infrastructure. Additionally, they will modernise the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport in Luque, finish sections 2 and 3 of the Bioceanic Road Corridor, and also enhance route PY01. These are all just a few of the necessary projects that will be undertaken.

Centurion further mentioned that there are plans to enhance 300 schools and construct five new hospitals, with two of them already in progress.