Marmomac 2018: Dialogue between water and stone

Water will be the element animating The Italian Stone Theatre, the hall dedicated to excellence in the Italian natural stone field scheduled once again in Verona at Marmomac 2018, the international natural stone exhibition 26-29 September 2018.

The theme for the 2018 edition is Water and Stone, where water with its fluid nature prompts a wealth of aesthetic-perceptive aspects in dialogue with the solidity of natural stone.This ancient affinity between two opposite states of matter – solid and liquid – that have always interacted, from the natural constitution of rocks as explained by geology through to their transformation by man as seen in the extraordinary architecture that history has handed down to us.

The endless functional and formal opportunities made possible by stone in order to model the places, buildings and furnishing objects that have accompanied daily life for thousands of years are put forward again today in enhanced form – thanks to the availability of new stone material processing machinery and the creative intuitions of architects, designers and artists.

The rewarding bond between liquid and solid will be narrated at Marmomac through a special set-up in Hall1: a large area of liquid will define the space around which the design, architecture and art exhibitions will be set up. They will be inter-connected by “on water” routes linking diverse and innovative projects specifically developed for the 53th edition of Marmomac. The Ristorante d’Autore (the by-now not to be missed gourmet event during the show), the Wine Bar and Forum Area will complete the set-up of the Hall 1.

These are the scheduled exhibitions:

  • Liquido, Solido, Liticocurated by Raffaello Galiotto:the exhibition seeks to promote new ideas for well-being environments through the creativity of highly talented designers teamed up with companies to give life to prototypes for furniture and accessories for bathrooms, saunas, thermal baths and spas.
  • Architetture per l’acquacurated by Vincenzo Pavan:three companies will collaborate with prestigious architects to develop projects
sharing the theme of cladding of facades and reflective architectural elements in the large liquid spaces of Hall 1.
  • Brand &Stonecurated by Giorgio Canaleand based on Danilo Di Michele concept: this exhibition involves high-end brands in the world of furniture interested in developing concepts
and prototypes for inclusion in their collections thanks to collaboration with companies handling materials, processing and machinery to implement works of design and/or interior design.
  • Percorsid’Artecurated by RaffaelloGaliotto: the spaces dedicated to water in the hall will also be enhanced by art itineraries involving works by international artists,with experience in numerical processing of natural stone in collaboration with machinery manufacturers.
  • Ristorante d’Autore – Stonepool / The shape of water curated by ADI Delegazione Veneto Trentino Alto Adige: in adopting the “pavilion” concept, the project highlights water as a natural element to celebrate all its different aspects – shape, colour, sound and movement – by interpreting it in a way that helps create the objects furnishing the restaurant and welcome guests with the movement and sensations of a flowing stream.
  • WineBar – Geometric Wavecurated by Giorgio Canale: the bar area is back again this year with a new exhibition project where visitors can take a break with a good cup of coffee or sip a glass of wine or Marmito, the official Marmomac cocktail.

Two sectors are involved: stone processing companies and companies producing machinery and technology – lined up in a single exhibition occasion. All companies are matched with designers and architects who will stimulate relational opportunities and the ability to transform specially designed projects into artefacts and prototypes.