Hyde Park court and police complex opens

The Town of Hyde Park has opened its new court and police complex in Hyde Park, New York. The northern portion of the facility comprises the police station while the court is located in its southern part. The complex now features a metal detector at the entryway along with separate entrances for the victim and the accused.

The public entry to the court space in the facility’s south segment opens to a window-fitted lobby. The new court incorporates separate offices for every town justice, a room for court clerks, and a jury room. There has also been creation of dedicated entrances for justices as part of the project.

The police station features a lobby area comprising a window and a room for the dispatchers of the department. A separate entrance has been created for victims in police custody. A buzzer system-controlled double door segregates the lobby area from the remaining station. Among various other features of the station are an evidence room comprising lockers, offices for officers, locker rooms equipped with showers, and separate interview rooms for juveniles and adults. The facility also features 18 security cameras installed at strategic locations.