Honeywell expands smart city capabilities with City Suite platform

The platform aggregates information from traffic, environment, parking, emergency services, safety, security and other applications, as well as utilities, in a single, unified view.

Connected buildings specialist, Honeywell, is expanding its smart cities capabilities with the launch of its City Suite platform that aggregates information from traffic, environment, parking, emergency services, safety and security applications, as well as utilities, in a single, unified view.

It follows the announcement by Honeywell of a strategic investment in India-based Trinity Mobility Private, which provides Honeywell with access to the software company’s Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities platform and software that integrates information from various systems across a city.

Smart city partner

This investment, which is structured to provide Honeywell with a path to full ownership of Trinity, will allow Honeywell to more fully partner with cities that are expanding their smart city deployments or integrating new systems.

Trinity’s capabilities complement Honeywell’s technologies for smart cities and global expertise in delivering integrated solutions for mission-critical systems.

The suite claims to provide a more holistic and near real-time view of what is happening in a city and better equips it to continuously monitor critical alarms and operate a variety of city services, such as dispatch for emergencies, traffic and parking management. It also aims to increase collaboration and transparency among administrators, citizens and other stakeholders.

The system is scalable and allows a city to add new smart applications when required.

In addition to enhancing the efficiency of cities, the City Suite can also be applied to retirement communities, large planned residential communities, university campuses and large industrial communities that want to provide a more connected living experience.

“Many of the world’s cities are facing significant operational and sustainability challenges stemming from urbanisation, including unexpected crises, infrastructure issues, environmental and safety concerns, and the expanding needs of citizens,” said Vimal Kapur, president and CEO, Honeywell Building Technologies.

He added: “The combined capabilities of Honeywell and Trinity can allow cities of all sizes to improve services and provide a better experience for their citizens. In addition, the data generated from these technologies can help improve cities’ ability to plan, helping create a more hospitable and livable environment for its citizens.”

Founded and based in Bengaluru, Trinity has worked with Honeywell for more than five years to deploy multiple smart city projects, including the New Administrative Capital of Egypt and Faridabad in India.