GS E&C to adopt four-legged robot ‘Spot’ on construction sites

GS Engineering & Construction said Monday that it will begin using a four-legged robot named Spot at its construction sites following successful trials.

This is the first time the robot — developed by American engineering company Boston Dynamics — will be put to work on construction sites in South Korea, said the building company, which is teaming up with construction software startup Cupix.

During the tests earlier this month, Spot was equipped with cutting-edge devices such as an internet of things sensor, a 360-degree camera and a lidar device and tasked with autonomous navigation and collecting data. Lidar devices detect objects and assess their shape and distance by sending out pulses of laser light.

The collected data will be integrated with GS E&C’s preexisting building information modeling data and used to improve safety and maintenance.

Spot will also detect any harmful gas leaks and will conduct thermal imaging to maintain safety at construction sites, according to the firm.

“We plan to establish a smart building technology operating system that can respond to multiple risks on all construction sites including housing, infrastructure and plants,” one official at GS E&C said.

First developed in 2015, Spot is capable of overcoming obstacles and moving in rough terrain with ease.