Finding A New Chemical Supplier: 4 Factors To Keep In Mind To Help You Decide

Chemical suppliers can be invaluable for businesses across various industries: pharmaceuticals, academia, agriculture, and many more. When working with chemicals in any capacity, it is vital to know that you have the best – and safest – materials to work with. Choosing a chemical supplier should be a well-thought-out process, and you should use various techniques to help you find the right fit.

There will be the normal business-minded questions: quality, cost, range and expertise. You’ll also need to factor in the requirements of your specific business and determine if your values align with the supplier you’re considering in terms of things like, for instance, sustainability and environmental impact.

Choose A Supplier With Industry Knowledge

Whatever industry you’re working in will have its own regulations and legislation for the chemicals used by businesses. It is vital that you find a supplier that has worked in your industry previously and thus understands the specific needs you will have. Choosing a supplier that has worked in a similar industry before and that knows the demands your business faces can help you form an effective working relationship that you can benefit from immeasurably.

Look Into Their Reputation

A supplier’s reputation can say a lot about them – and you. You will need a supplier with a perfect track record, as negative press associated with a supplier you use could easily blow back onto you. Do some searching online to find out about what is said of the supplier and see if there are any scandals or issues that could present an issue to you or your customers.

Find A Supplier With An Extensive Range

For most businesses that work with chemicals, it is unlikely that you use only one or two chemicals or compounds in your day-to-day work. You should take stock of the different chemicals you use regularly and those you use on occasion and find a supplier able to provide you with all of them – at the times that you need them. An excellent example of the type of chemical suppliers to look for are Apollo Scientific, which has a massive catalogue of chemicals and compounds at its disposal, along with the ability to create bespoke options to give you exactly what you need.

Consider Their Green Credentials

As sustainability becomes more and more crucial in every area of business, it is vital that you look for a supplier who has stellar green credentials. There has been a range of initiatives to improve the sustainability of the chemical industry in recent years, and so it is vital to find a supplier who values green chemical production as much as you do. Being green is no longer an optional value for many businesses – customers demand it.


A quality supplier who deals in consistent, reliable chemicals can be invaluable to any business that regularly works with chemicals. A supplier can ensure consistency with the chemicals you use, flexibility to change your processes and a cost-effective way to use chemicals in daily processes. You’ll need a supplier who has proven experience working in your industry and supplying the quality and quality of chemicals you need.