BVLOS DJI Drone Flight Could be Game Changer for Construction

Anarky Labs recently received a patent for its artificial reality (AR) guided drone software, to be used by DJI drones, according to Drone Life. The software allows DJI drones, the most popular and most affordable drones on the market, to utilize Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) capabilities.

Drones are becoming increasingly common on construction sites, as they can assist with site review, aerial surveying, mapping, measurements, monitoring and documenting. The unmanned aerial vehicles are also known for providing increased productivity, safety and security on construction job sites.

BVLOS technology is the next frontier when it comes to drone use on construction sites. Most drone flight is done within regular line-of-sight flying, limiting the use of drone technology. BVLOS is much more efficient, allowing for fewer takeoff and landing maneuvers and less human interaction.

The software created by Anarky Labs through a collaboration with Flyby Guys, uses Microsoft HoloLens, allowing pilots to see telemetry data in the sky, rather than looking down at a screen. The AR system enables more 3D situational awareness, according to FlyBy Guys.