BAM is a pioneer in the construction of the clinics in Europe

That is a proud project at Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst, already the first figures: 4 interconnected Querriegelbauten, 6 floors, 78,900 m² gross floor area, of which 33,500 m² of floor space, which creates space for 666 stationary, including 66 intensive care beds and 40 monitored daily clinical spaces with a supply capacity of only 33,500 inpatients annually. But beyond the city of Frankfurt am Main has to build as the bearer of the construction project the claim, the first passive house standards aligned clinic in Europe.

BAM Germany – expertise in clinic construction
As an experienced in clinic construction company BAM Germany AG was entrusted with the technical leadership of the hospital Frankfurt Hoechst. As Argentinas partner is BAM Germany, the Max Bögl Stiftung & Co.KG aside. With the completion of the hospital is expected by early 2019, mid-2019 to follow the move.

Passive House clinics – from planning to implementation
The Sonderimmobile “Hospital” has a particularly high demands on the energy supply. So far existed Passive House criteria mainly for houses as well as schools, gymnasiums and shopping centers, but not for hospitals .. The guidelines for this pilot project from the Passive House Institute Darmstadt together with the CPB mbH (Central Errichtungsgesellschaft) and the planners were developed. The task now is to implement the plan into reality. Intensive interdisciplinary cooperation of all planning and construction parties and subsequent monitoring of the new building Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst place based secure readings the foundation for passive house standards in hospitals.

The city of Frankfurt is playing a pioneering role in the establishment of Passivhausbauten. The Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst is an institution of the highest level of care and academic teaching hospital of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University. About 2,000 employees provide patients a year from a wide catchment area.