Swing Door Power Drive 1401 from TORMAX

New to the market, the SWINGDOOR Power Drive 1401 from TORMAX takes underfloor door automation to a new level. Mounted in sealed box in the floor, the Power Drive opens either new or existing swing doors smoothly and silently without any visible operator interfering with the architectural aesthetics of the entrance.


Nicholas Price, MD for TORMAX UK comments, Research and development for this product has taken a number of years and represents a significant technological advancement in door automation. The Power Drive is much simpler to install than its predecessor due to its compatibility with a standard 240v electrical supply, delivers even greater reliability and has increased functionality making installation faster, commissioning easier and operation safer.

The powerful synchronous motor in the Power Drive 1401 has an exceptional operating lifespan as there are no abrading parts to cause friction wear. This has the added advantage of ensuring the doors really do open and close in silence, making it the perfect for solution hushed environments such as museums and libraries. Fully DDA-compliant, the Power Drive allows heritage buildings to fully automate access to their facility without impinging on the architectural façade or internal décor. Similarly, a truly minimalist all-glass doorway can be achieved without the need for an external operator.