Construction begins for mixed-use Riviera scheme shaped to ancient Lakatamia wells

Work on the infrastructure for the ‘Riviera’ scheme, predicted to eventually amount to £50m in costs, has finally begun.

Determined to be built in the suburbs of Nicosia, Cyprus, this architectural masterplan was commissioned by Plaza Exclusive Projects in 2008, with ESA – now part of Capita Symonds – the designers to receive this development commission. Situated on a 17 hectare, the overall vision will see around 200 new modern homes constructed, as phase one of this mixed-use scheme; accompanying this ample accommodation will be further offices, shops, an extensive landscaped park, and community and leisure facilities.

‘Riviera’ will consist of two distinct but integrated segments: a residential area with properties for sale and an 18,000 sq m commercial sector with units for rent/sale. The project specifically consists of eco friendly infrastructure, luxury villas, houses, apartments, offices, restaurants, retail and leisure facilities which will be surrounded by parks and piazzas. It will also contain 5,000 sq m of water features and 3km of dedicated cycle and pedestrian paths while the 23,000 sq m of park will be lined with mature eucalyptus trees and hundreds of citrus and olive trees.

The concept provides a masterplan with a strong, well defined shape and content and based on the idea of interlocking circles that represent the ancient underground wells of Lakatamia, which exist under the site. This concept organises the plan and drives the concept for the layout of residential and commercial areas.

In particular, the masterplan recognises the importance of integration, achieving a strong resolution of circulation, functionality, built form and positive open space for community use. The buildings are planned around a regenerated natural ‘creek’ that will form the heart of a new linear park, stretching for nearly a kilometre through the scheme.

The brief specified the inclusion of a new mixed-use residential and commercial community that responds to a defined schedule of accommodation as well as to the context of the site (topography, climate and location) and all current planning regulations.The first phase of the project is due for completion in 2013.