Utah Orthopaedics completes new green medical office in Ogden


Utah Orthopaedics has completed their new green medical office building in Ogden, Utah, US.


The facility, spanning 30,000 square feet, has been designed by GSBS Architects and developed by Big-D Construction. It is the first medical office facility to receive LEED Platinum certification in the Rocky Mountain West. Among its features are a digital x-ray imaging suite, orthopedic device production areas, casting rooms, procedure and exam spaces, and offices.

The building imbibes a host of green features. It has been equipped with high-performance lighting fixtures and a photovoltaic electrical system. Solar power is used to meet the building’s water heating requirements while the building design optimises natural light penetration.

Presence of a variable refrigerant flow system (HVAC equipment), and an effective building envelope adds to the sustainability factor. Use of these eco-friendly measures helps the facility exceed federal energy efficiency specifications by about 30%.