Dubai to have mandatory green building rules

Mandatory green building rules and regulations on all buildings in Dubai are scheduled to be enforced in 2014. Currently, it is optional for private buildings.

In light of this, the building department of Dubai Municipality has intensified its efforts in educating and training in the field of green building under the slogan ‘Be Educated on Green Buildings’.

Eng. Yusuf Abdullah, acting director of the Buildings Department said that the awareness and educational program designed by the department includes a number of activities such as training courses, seminars, exhibitions, publications and advertisements targeting consultants, contractors, suppliers, manufactures and developers. The program also contains special activities for the public and students.

The department also participated in Middle East Electricity 2013 showcasing the efforts of the department along with the green building rules and specifications in place in the emirate, in addition to a number of green products including the solar water heaters that have recently become mandatory in all buildings in Dubai.