Weyerhaeuser offers rebates to builders

Weyerhaeuser is offering its North American customers rebates on OSB building products this summer.

The company is offering US$3 cash back per panel of 7/8in or thicker Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold OSB flooring and smaller rebates for other OSB products. The rebate is effective up to 100 panels for each product line.

Merchants can also earn rebates of US$0.25 per panel. “With these mail-in rebate promotions, we’re happy to put cash back in their pockets,” said Stewart Lavigne, director of marketing and sales for Weyerhaeuser OSB.

To help boost availability, Weyerhaeuser is expanding product lines at two mills this summer, with Arcadia in Louisiana starting Edge Gold production to meet increasing demand in the southern US and Hudson Bay, and Saskatchewan commencing output of Radiant Barrier Sheathing (foil laminated OSB) to service markets in California, Colorado, Nevada and Arizona.

Earlier this year, Weyerhaeuser added Down Pore drainage channels to Edge Gold panels to drain water from floors during construction in order to eliminate damage.