TBM completed for Bangkok Blue Line Extension project

The assembly and testing of the 6.44m diameter TBM for the Bangkok Metro Blue Line Extension contract 1 was completed late last month.

The Terratec EPB-TBM was designed and produced by Terratec in cooperation with Japan Tunnel Systems Corporation, subsidiary of IHI Group, Terratec announced.

The EPB shield has been customised for the project, with a IHI design of a cone-type CutterHead for positive cutting of any concrete piles that may be encountered. Terratec provided the Tunnel Belt Conveyor System and has deployed a crew to assist during the assembly and commissioning of the TBM and Conveyor System. The shield machine diameter is 6.44m and the tunnel length is 5,100m. The daily advancement average is expected to be 10 to 15m.

The Bangkok Blue Line Extension is the second phase of the subway system in Bangkok and the project is designed to mitigate the growing traffic problem in the Metropolitan area and better serve commuters who live in the outskirts. The project is expected to be completed by 2015.