Smart solar lighting deployed at Tampas master-planned community

Melbourne company Leadsun will install 10,000 smart solar lights across the Epperson development in Florida over the next few years which combine LED, Lithium batteries and wireless technology.

Epperson, a master-planned community (MPC) located in Tampa, Florida, is deploying smart solar streetlights that will run entirely off the grid.

Australian solar technology company Leadsun will provide more than 10,000 lights across what is described as one of the US’ first “futuristic cities” over the next few years.

Remotely controlled

The patented all-in-one solar light combines LED, lithium batteries and wireless technology which, Leadsun claims, enables the lights to store power for days as well as be remotely controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world.

Developer Metro Development Group wanted an off-the-grid street lighting solution for Epperson that was “modern, smart and sustainable” and also because the MPC was in Florida the streetlights had to be robust enough to withstand hurricane season when wind speeds can reach 150mph.

“We wanted to make sure that in such a unique and technology advanced community, streetlights were not just conventional, old ones connected to the grid,” said Kartik Goyani, vice president of operations, Metro Development Group.

“You know we call these the ‘green lighting machine’ so the green aspects – the solar, being off the grid, and the ability for us to connect and control these remotely pretty much from anywhere in the country is something that is ground breaking.”

Goyani continued: “We can dim these at night at 11 o’clock and then magically at 5am, or if the motion sensor, picks up anyone walking by, they come on. I would say not only Australian developers but everyone throughout the world should be looking at these. This is what our planet needs and it’s phenomenal technology.”

Leadsun said it has worked with councils and organisations around the country to deliver public lighting projects for the past 15 years including Australia’s longest solar lit pathway in Goulburn, New South Wales, and also providing public lighting around Rod Laver Arena during the Australian Open.


“The lighting is a more cost-effective [solution] and it helps improve community access to public areas and security. Now, with Florida we’re seeing solar lights are the future for master planned communities as well,” added Matt Pollard, managing director of Leadsun.