Sellar Property to build new residential tower near Shard in London

Sellar Property Group has announced plans to build a new 27-storey residential tower in the London Bridge Street.

The firm has selected Italian architect Renzo Piano to design the tower, which will be built near London skyscraper, The Shard.

The new tower, which will be build redeveloping the current Fielden House, built in 1970s, is expected to have 150 apartments offering retail space as well as a roof garden.

Sellar Property Group CEO James Sellar said, “We believe the proposed development will not only further enhance London Bridge Quarter in its present form but will substantially elevate the public realm surrounding the transport hub and complement the redevelopment of the station which is due to complete in 2018.”

According to construction firm, the new building will rise 14 metres over the enlarged public realm space on London Bridge Street, while offering new access routes between the two levels along with the views of Guy’s hospital, Kings College Campus and the proposed Science Gallery.

The company will also develop new staircase and a multi-level retail space connecting the two levels, while creating a new route from the public Plaza and bus station to St Thomas Street.

Additionally, the project is expected to improve pedestrian circulation and quality of the public realm.