Open collaboration platform integrates with Microsoft 365 and BIMcollab

The integration with Trimble Connect provides users of both platforms with a common data environment for connecting project stakeholders with the data they need to inform decisions and improve team efficiency.

In real-time, project stakeholders can share, review, coordinate, and comment on data-rich constructible models, schedules, and critical project information.

The open collaboration platform integration with Microsoft 365 streamlines and accelerates workflows by removing the extra step of downloading Microsoft Office files from Trimble Connect to edit them in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Users with a Microsoft 365 license now have the ability to use Microsoft software applications to edit project data such as documents, presentations, and spreadsheets directly through Trimble Connect. Learn more about Office 365 Migration and SharePoint Data Migration.

“The Microsoft 365 integration is a welcome addition to Trimble Connect,” said Jeremy Sibert, technology director at general contractor Hensel Phelps.

“The ability to create, edit and distribute documents directly from Trimble Connect will not only save us a lot of time, but it will also allow us to track updates, monitor version control and manage document security much more efficiently using tools our users are already familiar with and use heavily.”

‘The most advanced solutions’

BIMcollab is a cloud-based platform for building information modelling (BIM) that simplifies issue management and provides integrated model validation, offering a structured way of storing, sharing, and solving issues.

Trimble Connect’s integration with BIMcollab enables users to collaborate in real-time.

Trimble Connect’s features reduce the learning curve and give BIMcollab users, including those without access to a BIM authoring tool, a common data environment for visualising project data and collaborating across the project lifecycle.

“Our goal is to integrate BIMcollab with as many BIM tools as possible, whether they are model-authoring, model-checking, or model-sharing solutions,” said Erik Pijnenburg, CEO of BIMcollab.

“The integration with Trimble Connect offers our mutual users one of the most advanced solutions available to share and improve models.”

‘An open and agnostic space’

Marcel Broekmaat, product director for Trimble Connect, said: “Because no one vendor can be expected to have all the right point tools, an open and agnostic space for sharing models and construction data is imperative for project efficiency, profitability and timeliness.

“Integrations with Trimble Connect and other industry solutions are critical as we continue to drive construction’s digital transformation by enabling project stakeholders to unlock the real value of data throughout the construction lifecycle.”