Nigeria looks to PPP to build new prisons

Nigeria’s Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission is canvassing the use of public-private partnerships to institute reforms in the country’s prisons.

It has agreed to work with the Nigerian Prisons Service (NPS) to ensure the successful development of PPP projects in major cities around the country.

ICRC director general Aminu Diko said that prison infrastructure will be better provided and managed by the private sector, enabling government to focus on core prison reforms and rehabilitation of inmates. He added that Nigeria should embrace the modern trend of prison administration, which sees prisons as reformation centres.

NPS comptroller-general Peter Ekpendu thanked the ICRC for the technical and capacity-building support it has provided his organisation in its PPP quest so far. He said that the NPS has swathes of developed and undeveloped territories located in prime areas in major cities in the country that could be used achieve its PPP objectives.