Lend Lease becomes Lendlease

Lend Lease has changed its name to Landlease and has a new-look logo, described as “a design for the future”.

Lendlease group CEO and managing director Steve McCann said: “We have emerged out of our five year strategy to hold a strong market position and believe we have re-established the leadership position of this great organisation. As a result, the time is right to evolve our brand. The new look is reflective of our exciting future as a contemporary, diverse and international business,” he said.

From today, it will progressively move from the 20-year old blue logo resembling a canopy to a green design known as the ‘fold’.

The original blue ‘canopy’ logo was launched in 1995, when the company had just won the contract to expand Sydney Airport in time for the 2000 Olympics, it had received approval to begin construction on Bluewater in the UK and it had just purchased the Yarmouth Group in New York.

“Since 1995, our business has changed and our capabilities have grown,” said McCann. “So after 20 years, we bid a fond farewell to the blue umbrella and welcome the ‘fold’. We are looking forward to a bright future, and now our brand has a modern design that’s ready to take us there.

The brand update will be funded from existing operational budgets, with change implemented over the next 24 months. Key projects in each region have been identified as opportunities to fast track the brand change, including The International Quarter in the UK, and Barangaroo and Darling Square in Australia. New projects including the Tun Razak Exchange in Malaysia will adopt new branding as the project rolls out