CSA Architects secures planning permission for Tuckingmill redevelopment

Truro-based firm CSA Architects has bagged planning permission for a redevelopment project in Tuckingmill, Camborne, Cornwall. The mining area, spanning 24 acres, will be converted into a residential and commercial space from dereliction as part of the project. Work will involve creation of a new office area, as well as reuse of the historic North Lights Fuse Works building, a café, corner shop and more than 380 new residential units.The public area of the site will be linked to other local recreation areas such as the Mineral Tramways’ routes. The granite and brick Tuckingmill North Lights building will serve as the gateway to the new quarter of Tuckingmill following the regeneration.

The project will also include phasing out of a large warehouse of Tuckingmill which previously functioned as a karting track. The warehouse will be substituted with housing and a public square while being connected to the Bickford Smith Bowling Club.The project has been offered funding through the Town Heritage Initiative whereas assurance has been provided for Convergence Funding.