EarthCam and WakeCap join hands to harness the latest internet of things technology for construction

EarthCam®, the leading provider of construction camera solutions, and WakeCap, a leader in smart solutions for construction site management, announced their collaboration to integrate EarthCam visual data and WakeCap’s connected worker solutions on construction sites in Saudi Arabia.

The two companies, each technology leaders in their respective fields, are excited to join forces to enhance their offering for the construction industry in the kingdom.

“EarthCam’s visual data combined with WakeCap’s telematics solutions will deliver powerful new insights for construction project management teams,” said Brian Cury, CEO and founder of EarthCam. “EarthCam continues to innovate to improve safety and efficiency on jobsites. This alignment with WakeCap will provide new capabilities for our shared clients in the KSA and beyond.”

This initiative is part of EarthCam’s expanding presence in the EMEA region, leading the industry with fast-to-deploy solutions for project monitoring and time-lapse documentation. EarthCam’s visual data from job sites has helped keep generations of construction workers safe while providing the most highly regarded construction time-lapse videos worldwide. EarthCam’s new edge computer vision and AI object-detection software continue to improve worker efficiency and risk mitigation for stakeholders.

“WakeCap’s technology solution, with its easy-to-implement software and hardware, has demonstrated significant improvements for our construction clients,” said Dr. Hassan Albalawi, CEO and co-founder of WakeCap. “WakeCap digitizes data collection, allowing site owners to understand exactly what’s happening on complex, large-scale projects, harnessing real-time insights to streamline operations. Uniting with EarthCam Inc, a world leader in live streaming video, timelapse cameras, and AI analytics, will allow both companies to further enhance their ‘contech’ offering.”

The collaboration between WakeCap and EarthCam, Inc. was facilitated by Monsha’at,

the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority established in Saudi Arabia in 2016 to regulate, support, and develop the SME sector in the Kingdom. It operates independently under the Ministry of Commerce and aims to increase the productivity of SMEs and raise their contribution to the GDP from 20% to 35% by 2030