QPMC signs recycling agreement with British TRL

Qatari Primary Materials Company (QPMC) has signed a contract with Britain’s TRL to recycle construction waste and cooperate in environmental studies, with both parties undertaking practical solutions to convert local construction waste into functional products in building development, infrastructure, and others.

This comes on the back of Qatar’s goal of achieving sustainable development and environmental protection according to its National Vision 2030.Al Hammadi, CEO of QPMC, said that the agreement was part of the company’s strategy to emphasise the importance of sustainable development and environmental protection, placing them at the heart of its operations.

The co-operation with TRL will help decrease imports of certain construction products, as some of the recycled materials could be re-used within construction.

The CEO anticipated pricing will also be reduced through the co-operation as well as decreasing the work load on Qatar’s ports.Khaled Hassan, regional manager of TRL, expressed his confidence that the agreement will boost Qatar’s sustainability efforts.

Both parties will work closely with government sectors and research bodies to study the kinds of recycled materials manufactured and safeguard the quality, ensuring that it meets international standards and best practices.

Britain and Qatar studies showed that the discarded building materials, once recycled, can be used in various applications in the construction sector.