World’s First Carbon-Neutral Ground Protection: Eucalyptus Timber Mats by World Forest Group

World Forest Group (WFG) announced that all of its environmentally friendly, completely renewable Eucalyptus timber, crane, and access mats are now carbon neutral. Used to protect soils, people, and equipment, timber mats are an important and ubiquitous part of the construction, maintenance, energy, renewables, and utility industries. Using fast-growing and eco-friendly Eucalyptus plantations, WFG delivers mats that are 40% stronger, and which are lighter, thinner, easier-to-transport, and standardized for quality and durability – delivering the lowest total cost of ownership in the mat industry.

“We’ve been asked by so many of our clients how they can make a positive environmental impact and still have a reliable timber mat product,” said Jeffrey Atkin, World Forest Group CEO. “The answer is Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus forests sequester carbon about five times faster than typical hardwood forests. We continue to reduce that carbon footprint in manufacturing and transport. The mats are very strong so customers can reduce raw material, weight, and transport costs. And, where carbon emissions cannot be reduced any further, we purchase high quality, verified carbon credits to offset the remainder of carbon emissions.”

“The difference in our mats is something you can see,” continued Atkin. “Typical timber mats are made of mixed hardwoods, and are a secondary product for most mills. You can see immediately that there is no standardization and very little quality control. Our model is different. We only make timber mats. Our pure Eucalyptus raw material provides a strong, reliable, reusable, and sustainable product that is worth far more than you paid for it. Depending on how the mats are handled, you may only have to replace them every four to five years, instead of every two years or so.”