Trimbles SiteVision now available commercially

Trimble Inc., California based SaaS Technology Company has announced that its SiteVision system which is an outdoor augmented reality solution is now available commercially. The intent of the technology is to enable users to visualize 2D and 3D data on a project site of any magnitude having internet or cellular connectivity. Users because of this can view 3D models and assets combined with hardware and software in an integrated, lightweight handheld or pole-mounted solution from any angle or position.

SiteVision lets users visualize digital models through the help of a wide range of data collection, design and constructible modeling tools as per the industry-standard formats. With the support of Trimble Connect cloud-based hosting, SiteVision can get hold of models from all the stages of the lifecycle of infrastructure i.e. right from the initial level through operations and maintenance of assets to increase in collaboration, enhancing and upgrading work accuracy level and perfect utilization of resources.

The idea behind SiteVision is to blend digital content with the real-time work environment and thus simplify complex concepts. For instance, city planners can visualize a new structure right at the spot where it is supposed to be built, workers can get to know the exact position of the underground cables and pipes before digging or a supervisor can calculate the progress of heavy machinery if it has performed as per the site plan. As rightly said by Mark Nichols, GM, Trimble, that it is easier to understand complex issues when seen in a real-world context. The understanding of the project gets a different light altogether with a handheld device which is available to a wide range of users.

All said and done, SiteVision is all about knowing the practical elements at a site much before they are put in place. It gives a crystal clear demonstration of where the work on-site is headed-to by taking into account the minutest of components.