Michigan construction companies in USA , workers excited to get back to work May 7

Governor whiter announced plans during Wednesday’s press conference to sign an executive order Friday, which will allow commercial and residential construction companies to return to work. Under the new order, commercial and residential construction companies will be returning to work on May 7.

“Everybody has been pretty much keeping calm and they’re ready to go,” said Sarah Schultz, executive officer of the Home Builders Association of the Upper Peninsula.

The HBA is glad to be a part of the first wave of businesses to re-open the state’s economy, saying, they will add a boom. “It’s such a good domino effect where our builders are buying supplies from other local people and businesses and they’re utilizing all of those gas stations and restaurants,” said Schultz.

May 7, about a week away, is enough time to get to work lining up jobs, and preparing to finish old ones. It’s likely that exterior work, and new homes will be an emphasis for the next few months.

“I know there was new home projects that were started and people are waiting to move into those homes,” said Schultz. “So they need to be finished.” It’s also time to put together a plan to keep crews and clients safe, as well as secure the necessary PPE.

“We’re helping them keep those contacts and direct them to where they can find their PPE, and providing them also with a template for a safety plan if they don’t have one,” said Schultz.

Those templates are comprehensive, outlining the supplies and information needed to operate in the COVID-19 recovery phase. “Hand washing stations and stuff like that, that’s all listed there, and kind of what the supervisors need to be aware of also, the symptoms and stuff like that,” said Schultz.

Building contractors seeking resources are encouraged to join the HBA, and clients, looking to make sure potential contractors are following guidelines, can reach out to the HBA as well for that information.