Helix Steel joins partnership to supply rebar to Costa Rican construction industry

Pensmore Reinforcement Technologies, dba Helix Steel is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Micro Fibras de Acero CR S.A. Through this partnership, Helix Steel will be supplying Helix® Micro Rebar™ to the Costa Rican construction industry.

Headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica, Micro Fibras CR S.A. includes business partners Alberto Apestegui, ME, Enrique Blair, M.Sc., Ricardo Jimenez, and Campion Platt. Each partner is involved in different aspects of architecture, construction, design, and engineering. Alberto Apestegui and Enrique Blair are the partners in Apestegui + Blair Consultores who specialize in structural and seismic engineering. Ricardo Jimenez is a partner in Compañía Constructora Van der Laat y Jimenez that focuses on building industrial plants, buildings, hotels and resorts, shopping centers, and road infrastructure.  Finally, Campion Platt, a world-renowned architect, and designer, who creates holistic architecture and interiors that focus on eco-friendly green homes, furniture, and textiles.

Van der Laat y Jimenez has constructed many buildings on the beaches of Costa Rica so using a product that has zinc coating is important to prevent corrosion. “Helix Micro Rebar is the only structural product in Costa Rica that is not only anti-corroding but can be applied vertically.  It is also the only fiber approved for use when building concrete pumps,” Enrique Blair commented.

“Helix Micro Rebar is a wonderful product because it makes concrete more durable and less expensive than traditional rebar,”  Blair added. “We are very excited to be using an innovative product that helps us drop construction costs without sacrificing the quality of the final product.”

Luke Pinkerton stated, “We are pleased to welcome Micro Fibras to the Helix family, a company that shares our technical and customer service-oriented culture. We look forward to growing the market in Costa Rica together.”

About Helix Steel:

Headquartered in Ann Arbor and celebrating seventeen years in the steel industry, Helix Steel provides unparalleled resistance to cracking and shrinkage. It is the only product with an ISO 17065 evaluation report that complies with the International Builders and International Residential codes to replace traditional reinforcing steel.