CIF Annual Southern Construction Conference

Following the resounding success of the 2019 CIF’s Southern Construction summit, Business Post Live is delighted to announce the virtual hosting of the 2nd CIF annual southern regional conference.

The conference will comprise of various stand-alone sessions and panel discussions, and will be chaired by Jonathan Healy. This event is designed for anyone in the construction space. Attendees will include; engineers, subcontractors, construction management, IT professionals, distributors, infrastructure project leaders, architects, plant managers, BIM Managers, buyers and digital construction professionals. Attendees will have the opportunity of attending sophisticated online networking opportunities where meetings can be pre-arranged, or arranged post-event. Attendees will be profiled according to areas of interest, so that meetings can be organised in an intelligent easy and effective manner.

Development of the southern region and its urban centres is critical to Ireland’s recovering economy and population. This event will showcase some of the most influential projects ahead; particularly across transport, property, housing and manufacturing, as well as delivering a comprehensive agenda on what the region needs in order to ensure successful infrastructural development for its future. This conference will look at how the region will rebuild within the current climate, and explore how we turn this crisis into an opportunity to learn, improve and better prepare for the future. It has never been more important for the industry to rally together and look for solutions to overcome some of the biggest challenges the industry has ever faced.

Speaking about the next event of its kind in the region, Conor O’Connell, Regional Director of the CIF says, ‘The CIF Southern Region are delighted to be once again partnering with iQuest. This annual event brings together some of the leaders in the construction industry to discuss upcoming projects, innovations and key national and local policy initiatives that can help deliver infrastructure that will enhance the economic growth of the region. In recent years there have been significant private sectors developments across a range of sectors including Life Sciences, Energy, Tourism, Offices and Residential. The challenge for the next number of years will be for public investment to keep pace with private sector developments, population growth and employment growth particularly around the Cork Metropolitan region. The region needs significant investment in water & waste infrastructure, transport infrastructure and other enabling infrastructure as it is a key contributor to national economic output. The commercial viability of residential developments remains a challenge and our key targets around compact growth, as envisaged in the National Planning Framework, will not be met unless these viability challenges are addressed. We know need to focus on housing, affordable housing and how the private sector can deliver.’

The event will be cover over 5 hours of sessions and debates where delegates will be briefed on all aspects of development and future opportunities for growth.

While our delegates will join in from the comfort of their homes and offices across Ireland and around the world, the event itself will be broadcast live from our dedicated studio in Cork. Many of our speakers and panellists will appear live on stage, while our international keynotes and participants will be video-conferenced in to join the conversation.

The CIF southern region are delighted to welcome members and friends from across the nation and abroad.