5 Applications Of IoT In The Construction Industry

Internet of Things (IoT) is an innovation that integrates various aspects of an industry, both physically and digitally, to enhance operations. At present, IoT has found its way into the construction industry too.

Are you wondering how you can utilize it as a project manager in your construction company’s operations? Explained below are some of the practical applications of IoT as utilized in the construction industry:

  1. IoT Can Aid Real-time Project Conditions Monitoring

IoT allows construction managers to place sensors in various locations on-site. These sensors are connected to software only accessible to the managers. You can program them to gather data and report on various aspects, such as humidity, temperature, and air quality levels. These are some of the factors that can affect a project.

It’s said that too much humidity in the storage area can affect the quality of some materials, like cement, rendering them useless. Plus, too much moisture in the building envelope is believed to lead to mold and algae growth that might affect the structural integrity of the property.

IoT solutions providers like WideSky.cloud and the like, can help you record readings and store them in your system. Having on-hand significant data with regard to construction conditions can allow you to tackle concerns early on.

  1. It Can Allow For Construction Personnel Tracking

Project monitoring is essential in ensuring that work runs smoothly on-site. This can prove to be a challenge since the contractor or project manager can’t be everywhere simultaneously.

IoT will provide a real-time map of the site, from which the manager can assess information empirically. They’ll know where workers are at any given moment, including the work they’re executing. As a construction project manager and leader, you can eliminate redundancies on the site and improve productivity through the workplace data gathered by dependable IoT devices.

  1. Using IoT Can Permit Managers To Promote Overall Workplace And Workers Safety

Safety is crucial on any given site since accidents can lead to major catastrophes, including death. Therefore, besides the basic safety measures, such as the wearing of company-mandated personal protective equipment (PPEs), there are IoT tools you can utilize to boost site safety. These tools come in the form of wearables like a watch, or they can even be worn like a badge.

The wearables will assess the surroundings of your laborers. If one is approaching a hazardous area, such as a pit, the tool will be able to sense this and alert its user. This information will also be relayed to your systems for your action.

In case there’s an accident, for instance, a building collapsing, you can easily know the location of all workers from their wearables. This allows for easier rescue activities, making availing help a hassle-free task. You can also inform your workers of an emergency and direct them on the proper steps to take. With this, no one will be caught unaware of any threat and everyone will safeguard their well-being accordingly, reducing the number of work-related injuries.

  1. IoT Devices Aid In The Execution Of Complex Construction-Related Tasks

Some construction projects or tasks are said to be challenging to execute due to their complexity, the risks involved, or present cost inefficiencies. Tapping into your human resources may not be sufficient in this case though.

This is where IoT comes in very handy. You could utilize tools, such as robots and drones, to carry out highly complicated activities. It’s believed that the benefit of using IoT in such operations is that the tools used won’t compromise the quality of the final product. With IoT, no design is said to be too complex for you and your construction team to implement and realize.

  1. IoT Solutions Lend A Hand In Properly Monitoring Site Resources

Construction resources, namely steel foundations, cement, heavy equipment pieces, and others, are just one of the most significant cogs working together in a well-oiled construction project team. Industry veterans mostly agree that companies that have a grasp of their resources are poised to succeed.

Delays in projects can be caused by a plethora of reasons. They’re usually associated with sloppy management and can send a negative message to your clients and business partners. Delays might lead to work stoppages for a while too. When you utilize IoT in resources procurement and stock management, you’ll always be ahead of any possible deficiency.

On the other hand, a number of construction sites are believed to experience material theft every now and then. Workplace burglary may be carried out by a worker or an outsider. No matter the circumstance, you can locate the stolen equipment with IoT devices. All you need to do is secure tags on each item present on-site. A companion monitoring system can give you information regarding its whereabouts and allow for speedy recovery efforts.


Technological innovations allow for the emergence of new IoT devices and methodologies – all of which are very helpful in their own right and are found in almost any industry out there, including the building industry. As a project manager yourself, it’s advised that you look into different IoT solutions that you can adopt and implement in your company’s projects.