Build-to-rent homes are on the rise in the UK

Despite concerns over Britain’s exit from the EU, build-to-rent homes are not going to get a hit. A recent research conducted by the British Property Federation- BPF shows that the number of build-to-rent homes that have been completed or are in progress or planning stage has seen a leap by a fifth over the past year. The completed build-to-rent homes rose to 31% as compared to last year and 23% more were in the planning stage this year. As per the BPF, a total number of 148,046 homes were either built, being built or going through the planning process as compared to 123,537 a year ago. As expected London accounted for more than 51% of the total number while other regions took up the rest. As per the report, even the average size of build-to-rent developments is also growing which indicates the confidence that investors have in this sector. According to Ian Fletcher, the BPF Director of Real Estate policy, there is a growth of 31% in completion between Q3 2018 and Q3 2019, and even the pipeline of the new projects also looks promising.

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