The EB Tool Company Introduces The KwickGripper Nail Puller to Easily Remove Nails, Screws, Staples and More

A brand new nail puller and screw removal tool called the KwickGripper, has been designed and released by the EB Tool Company.


The KwickGripper’s patented technology converts pulling force into gripping force making it the most effective nail remover tool on the market for completely removing any type of nail, screw or staple.

EB Tool Company founder and product developer, Ben Eby, along with his father, Eric Eby, spent seven years fine-tuning the innovative nail puller and screw removal design that allows the KwickGripper to more efficiently utilize leverage. The unique nail puller design of the KwickGripper places the force on top of the device – requiring little effort or physical strength from the user of this nail remover tool. This innovative design effectively transfers leverage into extreme pulling force. The KwickGripper grips harder and harder as the user applies a simple pulling motion.

Effective at removing any fasteners – regardless of their condition, the KwickGripper nail puller can remove even headless nails and mangled screws. With patented pulling force, the KwickGripper nail puller can grab the pointed end of a nail and pull it through a board with the nail head still attached. Typically staples can only be grabbed from one side at a time to remove them from wood; the KwickGripper’s wide jaw grabs the whole staple at once, removing it in one fluid motion. The KwickGripper’s streamlined, thin design allows it to remove nails and screws from tight spots and corners – where a regular hammer claw can’t reach. Even extra long nails and bolts can easily be removed with the KwickGripper’s intense gripping action and force.

“We were fortunate to get our hands on the KwickGripper nail remover and screw removal prototype to field test and I have no idea why this wasn’t invented sooner,” said Jason Daily, Owner of Deck ReDo LLC. “The KwickGripper pulls nails, screws and staples with amazing ease. Expect to see this nail puller and screw removal tool everywhere.”

The leverage-savvy design of the KwickGripper nail puller removes fasteners while reducing the amount of damage to boards – allowing individuals to repurpose wood. Nails and screws can be removed from decking and the boards can be reused. The KwickGripper nail remover and screw removal tool is also effective at removing small brads so wood trim can be reused – cutting down on waste and added expense in buying new wood products.

“We’ve designed the KwickGripper nail puller to meet the many varied needs of construction workers and professional carpenters along with incorporating ease of use so that every home hobbyist would benefit from this tool as well,” said Ben Eby, EB Founder and Product Developer. “This handy nail puller and screw removal tool replaces the need for locking pliers, crow bars and hammers – which can severely damage wood when removing nails, screws and stables.”

The EB Tool Company is located in Gay Mills, Wisconsin. EB Tool “uses tools to make tools” that support the professional trades as well as home hobbyists in saving time, money and frustration. For more information, or to receive a pre-order discount, visit