Going Green: Zimmermann Construction Staffing Embraces Eco-Friendly Practices

Zimmermann Construction Staffing is going green. As one of the staffing agencies that specializes in staffing construction jobs, Zimmermann feels duty-bound to refine their day to day processes in an effort to make construction just a little more eco-friendly.

The Zimmermann team says that “The list of things that we have done, are currently doing and are planning to do is fairly diverse. Our efforts to go green have really influenced everything we do at the office.”


It goes without saying, telecommuting is a benefit to the environment. From the very first day, Zimmermann Staffing has believed in their exclusively phone based construction recruitment process. Now years down the road, the more environmentally conscious Zimmermann reflects back on itself and acknowledges the positive impact this has had on the environment. Cori, one of the recruiters at Zimmermann, stated that “Now, even if a local tradesman walks into the office hoping to apply, we direct everyone to apply online, fax or email us their resume. From there pretty much everything is done via the phone or through emails, and not only does it consistently work when it comes to successful placements but it’s green.”

Zimmermann also believes in providing electronic invoices, statements and quotes unless otherwise requested by a client. With dozens, or sometimes hundreds, of these routine business documents getting sent out every week, providing them to contractors electronically is not only cheaper for Zimmermann and resultantly the customer, but it reduces paper use tremendously. In Zimmermann’s case, it allowed them to become an entirely paperless company. In addition to this, the new Zimmermann offices provide its staff ample opportunity for energy conservation. All offices, the break rooms and even the reception area at Zimmermann now make use of natural lighting with large windows lining all the walls. The recruiters and account managers, HR and payroll personnel draw the blinds and turn off power to all electronics upon leaving every afternoon, which further reduces waste on lighting, heating and cooling year round.

The marketing team suggested that, in the months to come, they intend to do a few small things to further distil certain marketing strategies so that they are just as eco-friendly as everything else. Beyond that, the entire team participates in small recycling efforts such as contributing empty soda cans to recycling bins, which are located in their break rooms. Zimmermann Staffing acknowledges that construction jobs can sometimes be dirty and less than friendly for the environment. However, in lieu of this construction staffing by Zimmermann is a much cleaner and far more eco-friendly service today.

About Zimmermann Staffing, LLC

Zimmermann Staffing is a professional Construction Staffing company dedicated to providing outstanding temporary and permanent skilled tradesmen to Commercial, Industrial and Federal Contractors Nationwide. Our client base is extremely diverse and consists primarily of Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors.