South Florida construction group taking steps to protect workers during coronavirus pandemic

A South Florida construction company is taking the initiative to protect its workers, while hoping to set an example for other builders, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Century Homebuilders Group is scaling back construction operations at an office, retail and apartment complex project on LeJeune Road in Miami after two workers tested positive for COVID-19.

At one point, there were 221 workers on the job there, but there is a fraction of that number now, said Century Builders CEO Sergio Pino.

“Today, we probably have about 25 to 30 people working on the site to make sure they are not close to each other,” Pino said Wednesday.

Pino said it is impossible for construction workers to not bump into each other because of the confined spaces, and that code enforcement has been out checking construction sites.

Builders all over the country are finding it hard for workers to maintain proper social distancing and avoid sharing tools.

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