Construction projects throughout Southern Wisconsin continue during spread of COVID-19

Construction projects throughout Wisconsin will continue under Governor Tony Evers “Safer At Home” order. The workers, who are considered essential, are still taking precautions, however. “Safety of our employees has to be number one when it comes to a construction company,” said Tricia Braun, Director of Client Strategies for JP Cullen. “Our leadership takes those very seriously from the start.”

Braun says the company, which has ongoing projects consisting of schools, as well as manufacturing and healthcare facilities, had implemented precautions even prior to the Safer at Home order.

“For a majority of the clients we’re working with, they understand the situation,” Braun said.

Braun says employees on job sites are following social distancing guidelines, and those in the company have tried to accomplish as many tasks as possible virtually.

Still, they’re trying to get their projects done on time. “We’re making sure that when kids can go back (to school), they have their school ready for them,” she said.

Other active projects in Southern Wisconsin include the I-39/90 expansion project. Wisconsin Department of Transportation Administrator Rebecca Burkel says the pandemic has shown how crucial the expansion really is.

“Things like groceries that we’re getting as we need them, or medical supplies. We need to keep these things moving,” she said. Burkel says employees are taking precautions to stop the spread of COVID-19, and adds WisDOT has been in contact with departments in other states as well.

“If they come up with a solution, we can leverage that right away too,” she said. “We can say ‘That’s a great thing’ and implement that right away here too.”