Smart home experts share the key innovations in Singapore’s rising smart living lifestyle

Asia’s burgeoning smart solutions market will reach US$115 billion by 2030, according to ATKearney. In fact, highlyconnected economies such as Singapore, Japan and Korea will drive up to 30 percent of the global marketdemand of such smart solutions.

Smart solutions are fast becoming a mainstay in Singapore homes. Most of us will associate a smart home with the option of operating their lights, blinds and television sets without getting up from the couch. However, digital advancements in smart homes solutions,coupled with Singapore’s strong push towards technology entrepreneurship, have fuelled many exciting innovations for smart home enthusiasts.

The latest smart home solutions impact more than just how home appliances operate. The pervasiveness of technologies such as IoT and cloud has enabled solutions with benefits that extend beyond lifestyle choices to include security and energy efficiency among others.Scrat ching below the surface of today’s building projects will reveal many players, both established names and young start-ups, developing creative solutions and, more importantly, improving integration across platforms. The latter is crucial for a seamless experience for end users, which in turn will drive adoption.

Here are some of the latest innovations that has fascinated smart homeowners:

igloohome – Security solutions for the cosmopolitan dweller
Local smart-access provider igloohome believes that smarter living need not expose homeowners to digital security risks. The company’s award-winning keyless door locks allow homeowners to use a pin code or a Bluetooth key via a smart phone, providing a layer of authentication while eliminating the risks of passwords falling into the wrong hands. The solution also allows homeowners to grant access to visitors without having to be present. This function is especially popular in the vacation home rental markets, where Igloohome’s Smart Keybox  easily facilitates secure and convenient property management and handover between home owners and tenants.

LEFA Technologies – A smart reflection for the home
Committed to providing smart and energy efficient solutions to customers, LEFA Technologies’ Digi Smart Mirror is a fun addition to the smart home. From waking up to the latest headlines around the world, to tracking your weight and skin humidity while brushing your teeth, the Digi Smart Mirror provides a plethora of functions that can be tailored to individuals’ daily needs.

Hanman International Pte Ltd – Providing a secure peace of mind

Inaugurated in 2005, Hanman International is the sole distributor of Samsung Digital Door Lock in Singapore. Combining style and convenience, the company’s  smart lock solutions offer wide-ranging secured access methods such as biometrics, RFID card, passcodes, Wi-Fi, and smart hubs such as Z Wave plus, to prevent home intrusion and theft.

MATION Asia – Smart platform for home integration

Having noticed a gap in the market for a unified home automation platform, Singapore-based MATION leverages their MATION platform to provide a one-stop solution that enables the automation of home appliances on a single platform offering convenience, security and cost savings to smart homeowners. MATION SmartHome offers homeowners the option to track the power usage of household appliances, automated lighting sensors and remote monitoring of doors and windows, enabling both comfort and peace of mind.

Gathering the best in smart home innovations
The inaugural International Built Environment Week 2019 (IBEW) will feature some of the latest in smart home innovations in the anchor tradeshow, Smart Cities & Buildings (SCB) Asia. SCB is the region’s unique marketplace that focuses on building smart, digital convergence of solutions and technology into the built environment value chain, creating a technologically advanced liveable city. Some key companies will include igloohome, LEFA Technologies, Hanman International Pte Ltd and MATION Asia.

The surge in smart home integration is slowly but surely taking over Asia’s highly connected and technologically savvy population. Many households are already enjoying some level of smart device integration and the number is expected to rise further following popular smart home speaker such as Google’s Home and Amazon’s Alexa. Asia’s march towards realising the future smart cities will only propel smart home innovations further and bring excitement to the built environment value chain.

About International Built Environment Week (IBEW) 2019
The International Built Environment Week (IBEW)is a new flagship event in the Southeast Asian region for industry leaders and professionals from the global built environment industry to exchange ideas and experiences on policies, business solutions and technologies, as well as explore business opportunities. The event is expected to attract more than 12,000 attendees from all over the world and participants can look forward to anchor events and networking opportunities

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