SANY partners CIDB to Promote Industrialized Building System Together in Malaysia

SANY Construction Industry Development (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (SCID), a subsidiary of SANY Group., Co Ltd, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB) on 19th December of 2018 to build capacity in Industrialized Building System (IBS) in order to drive productivity in construction.

The partnership was sealed at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the presence of Datuk’ Ir, Ahmad Asri Abdul Hamid, Chief Executive of CIDB and Mr. Mao Zhongwu, the co-founder, Board of Director and Senior Vice President of SANY Group., Co Ltd. Signing on behalf of SANY is Mr. Wang Zhenyi, General Manager of SCID, while CIDB was represented by Dato Ir Elias Ismail, its Deputy Chairman.

This is the first strategic cooperation agreement on IBS development between Malaysia Government Agency and private sector company from China, it reflects the high recognition and appreciation of the Malaysian government for the SANY industrialized building (IBS) system, it also reflects the determination of the Malaysian government to develop residential industrialization.

Strategic partnership with CIDB aims to share of information and expertise and technology related to IBS which could add value to construction industry, providing skills vocational industrial training whilst promoting equitable and sustainable Malaysian local economic participation. Collaboration between SANY and CIDB can also overcome the shortages of skill worker and our proposed industrial training can help meet the Malaysian government plans to increase skilled workforce and create job employment.

“We welcome this collaboration between SANY and CIDB as we believe that by combining our strength, expertise and resources, we can truly make a difference in the industry, and this is truly aligned with the spirit of the tagline of Malaysian Government in promoting IBS construction: Driving Construction Excellence Together. Said by Mr. Wang Zhenyi, General Manager of SCID. CIDB CEO Datuk Ir Ahmad Asri Abdul Hamid further added at a press conference in conjunction with the MoU signing: “the collaboration is expected to increase the uptake of IBS among the local industry players by 10% in 2019”.

IBS involves the use of prefabricated components and mechanization to increase the efficiency, quality and productivity of residential and industrial projects. In Malaysia, SANY is dedicated to promoting IBS Solutions optimizes its efficiency as geared towards automation Industrial revolution 4.0 in line with the Malaysian government initiatives. Since first entered in Malaysia market in 2016, SANY has established 3 pre-cast factories cross Malaysia and has proven its success through completed IBS project.