New Designs for Real Estate Investing Websites Released

A real estate investing firm that also builds real estate investor websites, has rolled out newly upgraded designs. Real estate investors now have more choices in choosing design options for their websites as well as having more customization capabilities to suit any business model.


Real estate investors now have a choice of more than 140 designs accessible from their virtual back office. Each design can be fully customized to suit any business model and comes with complete branding capabilities so that each website can be as individual as needed.

The new designs come with added capabilities to customize navigation menu tabs on the websites. This means that real estate investors have complete control of the pages on their websites as well as the content.

The websites come equipped with all features necessary to run a successful real estate investing business from a simple virtual back office. Any website can be fully customized within a few minutes whether they buy houses, sell, rent or wholesale houses, or even if they are looking for private money.

Of course they can also be customized for other business models both for residential or commercial real estate investing.With advanced search engine optimization especially targeting the local market, the websites attract business locally.

They come loaded with direct response content that engages visitors with the ultimate goal of converting each visitor to a successful real estate transaction.Ultimately, the websites allow real estate investors to close more deals using less money, time and effort, as well as increasing the efficiency with which they work.