Highlight Homes’ Tony Pourhassan Launches The Georgia Redevelopment Foundation

Tony Pourhassan – the founder and company principal for Atlanta-based custom construction and renovation firm, Highlight Homes – is proud to announce his latest project-in-development: The Georgia Redevelopment Foundation. Since receiving the news from the Internal Revenue Service in December 2011 that his non-profit concept had been approved for a 501(c)3 Public Charity designation, Pourhassan has been hard at work trying to take his vision of an organization geared at helping homeowners in need to the next level.

A builder and renovator in the South for the past 25 years, Pourhassan has devoted a great deal of his energy, personal finances, and resources in recent years to assist victims of natural disasters. Following destructive hail storms in early 2009 and damaging floods later that same year, Pourhassan’s company Highlight Homes’ helped Atlanta families recover from damage to their homes and prompted the establishment of Help Atlanta – a charitable affiliate of the residential construction company. Feeling the need to extend the size and scope of his charity beyond Atlanta city limits, Pourhassan soon changed Help Atlanta’s name to The Georgia Redevelopment Foundation and applied to have it designated as a 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt corporation. Under the new name, Pourhassan and his team answered the plea to help once again following the devastating tornadoes in Georgia and Alabama in early 2011, logging in hundreds of man hours funded solely by Pourhassan. Faced with the overwhelming desire to help in the recovery efforts following the historic floods in Minot, North Dakota – and helpless in the face of limited resources to do so – Pourhassan’s wish to launch The Georgia Redevelopment Foundation in earnest grew.

“It’s very frustrating to receive personal pleas or watch the destruction of people’s homes on television and know you have the skills to help them, but lack the financial resources to gather a team and purchase materials,” explains Pourhassan. “Now with The Georgia Redevelopment Foundation’s new designation as a 501(c)3 Public Charity, we can apply for grants and seek the help of private donors who share in our vision of giving back to those who have lost nearly everything. While I certainly do not look forward to future natural disasters, I am buoyed by the thought that when and if one hits – we’ll be better prepared to serve those in need.”

In addition to his vision of helping victims of natural disasters whose homes were damaged by floods or tornadoes, Pourhassan also wishes to help senior citizens and house-bound homeowners with the maintenance of their homes.

“A person who is in their golden years may be endangering themselves by doing things like climbing on a ladder and trying to take care of their home maintenance on their own,” says Pourhassan. “Others have disabilities and are physically unable to do these things by themselves. While many may be able to pick up a phone and call a handyman, others may have limited resources and will choose food or medication over much-needed repairs. If their home is not maintained properly, over time – it could become a major problem. That’s where The Georgia Redevelopment Foundation steps in. Following a simple qualification process, we can make any necessary repairs to the home at no cost to the homeowner. We’re so excited by all of the possibilities and truly look forward to helping those in need.”

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance from The Georgia Redevelopment Foundation, Tony Pourhassan and his team can be reached by e-mailing info@highlighthomesga.com. The Georgia Redevelopment Foundation is also seeking tax-deductible donations to help offset costs of future events, as well as strategic partnerships with individual investors, construction vendors, and corporations who wish to form an alliance and help Southern homeowners rebuild their lives, one brick at a time.

About Highlight Homes:

Highlight Homes, LLC was established in 2005 by builder, developer and architect, Anthony F. Pourhassan. The Atlanta-based company is founded on the core belief in the significance of what they are creating, firmly based in their lasting dedication to the clients they serve, and continually growing as word spreads of their unswerving commitment to quality. Because Highlight Homes, LLC is family-owned and operated – they truly care about their clients and their families. They listen carefully to their clients’ wants and needs, then design and implement plans to fit both their vision and their budget. Each Highlight Home contractor is fully licensed, registered and insured, and is well prepared to tackle projects of varying size and scope – from a luxury custom estate in one of Atlanta’s trendiest neighborhoods to a cozy, bungalow-inspired home in the sprawling suburbs.