Hydrogen-powered construction vehicle to feature Hexagon Purus technology

As part of a company first, Hexagon Purus will deliver a renewable hydrogen storage system for use in the construction industry.

Hexagon confirmed the order earlier this week (22nd Feb), stating that it will deliver the 700bar turn-key solution in Q3 this year.

The solution will be used in a fuel cell-powered construction machine. Under the project, the company involved hopes to understand the viability of hydrogen power as a replacement for a traditional combustion engine.

Commenting on the order, Todd Sloan, Executive Vice-President of Hexagon Purus Systems, said, “The construction sector is undergoing a number of changes that could have a far-reaching impact. In the future, homes, offices and large infrastructure projects could be built using this zero emission equipment.”
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“We are excited to enter this segment. We believe in clean air everywhere and we look forward to further projects to enable zero emission technology in the construction industry”.