GstarCAD Architecture 2012 Meets Various Requirements with 3D Functionalities

GstarCAD, the leading 2D/3D CAD software provider today unveils the detailed features of the upcoming GstarCAD Architecture 2012. Many comprehensive functions have been added into this version to bring work convenience and efficiency to users. In this release, the three-dimensional design functionalities will be introduced firstly.

Three-dimensional software is always the inevitable tool for users to simulate objects in the real world. But two-dimensional sketch is also necessary in earlier design since most of 3D software has limitations for 2D drawing. In GstarCAD Architecture 2012, these two functions are integrated properly into this software with small size and fast running. Users can perfectly realize the switch between 2D drawing and 3D modeling. The 2D construction drawing and 3D model can be generated synchronously with fast speed, realizing “what you see is what you can get.” In this case, the 2D drawing of architecture and 3D design can be satisfied at the same time.

Besides this, various architectures with complicated and unusual shapes can also be designed within GstarCAD Architecture 2012. For example, circular-arc wall with a round hole on, common window and hole placed on the corner of crossed wall, unique corner window and bay window with customized shape, unique bay window with ribbon shape and corner window in shade angle are all realized by GstarCAD Architecture 2012. What’s more, users can perform parametric automation on moving elements such as wall and window and revise the modifications on 3D modeling construction.

In addition, after completing the design of each standard floor of the building, the whole 3D modeling will also be generated synchronously in GstarCAD Architecture 2012, providing basics for future 3D collaborative design and BIM. Moreover, this software also supports collision detection, enabling designers to improve their drawings and thereby avoiding a lot of unreasonable designs.

About GstarCAD

GstarCAD is fast, powerful, .dwg-compatible CAD software for the AEC, mechanical, manufacturing, electrical, GIS, survey and mapping industries. The world-class 2D/3D CAD software platform is based on IntelliCAD technology.

GstarCAD’s powerful functions, .dwg compatibility, and programming platform, are built on a cost-effective solution with an easy to user interface. Gstarsoft ensures that your design inspiration comes true.