ecocoach enables building automation with Beckhoff technology without programming

The technology company ecocoach has developed a complete graphic solution for building automation and energy management with Beckhoff technology. Thanks to the PC-based automation system with encrypted and secure connection to the cloud, building technology components can be configured and controlled without programming knowledge. In addition, a high-quality smart home and smart building app as well as a full-fledged energy management module with seamlessly integrated energy storage are available.

If required, solar systems and charging stations for electric vehicles can be integrated, monitored and controlled easily and quickly. Another module enables professional analysis and billing of all consumers in larger buildings and settlements.

“The ecocoach system gives installers and system integrators the opportunity to use tried and tested Beckhoff automation components in buildings without programming knowledge and thus to benefit from the industry standard. The total time required for the installation is reduced by at least 80 percent, since PLC programming and the creation of the graphical app interface are no longer required. Experienced Beckhoff professionals also benefit from this, ”says Florian Oechslin, Head of Projects at ecocoach AG.

The ecocoach system is open to technology and, in addition to the graphical user interface, offers a direct interface to the automation software (TwinCAT 3) for the integration of customer-specific function blocks. Ecocoach also integrates the new function blocks into the graphic environment after thorough testing. This means that they can be used again and again without re-programming.

Configure building automation using drag-and-drop

Automation projects can be implemented particularly easily with the connection of Beckhoff hardware and ecocoach software. Solar technicians, electricians and system integrators first implement the required Beckhoff components and the desired functions based on the project-specific electrical diagram. To do this, they integrate preprogrammed function blocks into the project using drag-and-drop, define the inputs and outputs and define the basic settings.

The ecoSetupTool from ecocoach then automatically writes the entire PLC code to the controller within minutes. It is now ready for use. In the last step, the integrated components and systems – such as energy management – are parameterized using the graphical user interface according to customer requirements.

The open system architecture and flexible expandability ensure that the system can be easily adapted to future changes in the home and expanded with additional devices. The technically interested owner can implement numerous changes himself using the SetupTool, so that programming tasks are also omitted here. The industry standard with guaranteed backward compatibility and long-term availability of spare parts offers investment security for hardware and software.

Operation via smart home and smart building app

The ecocoach platform includes an intuitively operated and easily configurable smart home and smart building app that also controls the optional energy management functions. The app is able to save complete apartment settings in scenes and controls the control of comfort functions such as locking and security systems, blinds, light and room temperature. It also visualizes the energy flows in the house and gives users and building operators the opportunity to control the energy system according to their wishes.

When used in commerce, the Smart Building app controls light and shading as well as room temperatures and access. Visual monitoring is also part of the solution. Optionally, all energy flows and consumption such as electricity, hot / cold water and heat can be recorded using calibrated smart meters and transferred to an end-to-end encrypted cloud solution with data download.

Energy management with integrated storage

The optional energy management optimizes the energy flows in the building and thus ensures that the energy is used efficiently. Right from the start, it was designed to use the largest possible proportion of renewable energies and to connect electric vehicles. This makes it particularly easy to integrate and control solar systems and charging stations.

The cascadable lithium-ion energy storage with capacities from 13 kWh to 65 kWh, also developed and built by ecocoach, can be seamlessly integrated and thus ensures an additional increase in the cost-saving consumption of solar power and the self-sufficiency in the building.

About ecocoach

Ecocoach AG is a technology company from the heart of Switzerland. ecocoach offers the first integrated Smart Energy, Smart Home and Smart Building System. Right from the start, it combines renewable energies, storage and eMobility charging infrastructure with building automation and a cloud platform. The ecocoach headquarters and the ecovolta Swissfactory production plant are located in Brunnen.