Abu Dhabi begins $107m of Khalifa City A upgrades

Abu Dhabi’s Municipality has begun a $107.8m (AED: 396m) programme of infrastructure improvement works at Khalifa City A.

The Municipality has said that it is “moving forward with the construction of infrastructure projects at Khalifa City A at all levels”, including upgrades to public parks, drainage networks, pumping stations and street lighting works.

It added that the rate of construction of the Khalifa City A project, which is around 30km outside Abu Dhabi on the main road to Dubai, is now around 80%.

To date, around 793,000 metres of pavements have been built at the site, and more than 67,000 metres of stormwater pipes have been added, alongside 2,646 manholes and 493 inspection chambers.

The new works programme will see three new pumping stations added and widespread street lighting installed, which will involve erecting more than 3,000 poles and installing 116,000 metres of cabling.

Khalifa City A is a 22.9km2 site divided into 42 sectors containing a total of 3,833 land plots – 3,686 of which are residential plots and 60 are commercial plots.

There are also three existing public parks, but the Municipality is currently looking at building four more as part of the improvement works being undertaken “to keep pace with the demographic growth in the City”.