WiseBIM joins ACCA software group through an equity investment accompanied by a shared strategic development plan

ACCA software is one of the leading BIM companies committed to developing software and services based on open standards and ensuring a full BIM process in openBIM®. Today ACCA software is the market leader in Italy and is growing strongly on the international market.

WiseBIM is a French company specializing in artificial intelligence and deep learning for BIM. It develops unique and innovative technologies to generate, for example, BIM models automatically from existing 2D drawings or images.

The new partnership between WiseBIM and ACCA software will focus on providing interoperable solutions for all

ACCA and WiseBIM, with their easy-to-use solutions, encourage all types of building professionals to switch to BIM. The European companies share the same missions, visions and a strong attitude towards innovation. Both focus on data management, emphasising open formats and openBIM® to provide interoperable solutions for all.

BIM solutions to support the digitalisation of buildings of all sizes

WiseBIM brings to ACCA’s business ecosystem a strategic know-how in artificial intelligence and a qualified presence in France. At the same time, ACCA software provides WiseBIM with in-depth expertise and BIM solutions to support the digitisation of buildings of all sizes.

The upcoming developments will focus on different strategic actions:
  • Applying artificial intelligence to managing BIM models and processes to simplify
    and support information exchanges, particularly in openBIM® formats.
  • Build through WiseBIM a high presence on ACCA technologies in the French territory to
    support products, services and even customized developments for large users.
  • Conduct R&D projects and develop innovative technologies based on artificial intelligence.
  • Jointly contribute to the development of openBIM® approaches and transform BIM to
    openBIM® globally.

This alliance is based on the common vision to provide AECO professionals with easy-to-use, online, openBIM® and cost-effective solutions. The partnership between ACCA software and WiseBIM will begin a new architecture, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance era.

Continuing to expand the use of BIM on a larger scale

Tristan Garcia, CEO of WiseBIM, commented: “This partnership is a real opportunity for WiseBIM to grow alongside a leading software company that shares our values. I am confident that together we will continue to expand the use of BIM on a much larger scale.”

Facilitating the digital transition of the building sector

Guido Cianciulli, CEO of ACCA software, added: “I am convinced that artificial intelligence and machine learning applied to BIM models and processes significantly increase the value that the AECO sector can gain from the ongoing digital revolution.

WiseBIM’s entry into the ACCA group immediately allows the implementation of new solutions to facilitate the digital transition of the building sector and to develop products and services adapted to the major changes that await us in the near future.”