Why Do We Need Energy Procurement Solutions?

The History of Modern Electricity

We use a lot of energy every day, and we often think that the energy we put out into the world will come back to us. Interestingly, the energy we exert that converts to carbon monoxide when we breathe is not enough to power all the items we use with electricity every day. Electricity is therefore one of the most critical advancements in our lives as human beings. We owe so many of our modern advancements to the generation of that power because we have quite literally built our post-modern lives around the existence of electricity.

Yes, the drama between Nikola Tesla (https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/the-rise-and-fall-of-nikola-tesla-and-his-tower-11074324/) and Thomas Edison to create the modern electricity supply was absolutely real. Edison and Tesla worked together for quite a while before Edison essentially stole Tesla’s ideas and patented them before Tesla could get the chance to realize his dreams of alternating current being in widespread use. Even from the very first moments of the existence of the electricity supply, someone was stealing current from someone else! Therefore when we think about the way we have set up our current electrical grids, we are harkening back to the era of cutthroat competitiveness without realizing we are recreating that energy every day.

Do you have options for electricity companies, or is there just one company that services your area? If you are in the United States and several other countries, the company that set up the power grid to begin with was able to secure an exclusive rights contract that is still in existence now, over 100 years later. These companies actually make money by building new structures but have absolutely no investment in maintaining order structures, thereby abusing the massive power that they wield over society. There are absolutely no incentives for them to do the right thing, therefore American corporate greed has remained static in this industry since its literal invention.

Where Did Energy Come From?

Have you thought about the sheer number of forest fires that ravage the landscapes of California, Arizona and many other territories? Well, those horrifying incidents are often linked to faulty electrical mechanics that are incredibly old and worn down. The electrical hook that caused a recent forest fire in California was so worn down that it had massive indentations inside of it that would make anyone appalled, even if they did not know anything about the way American corporate greed actually works. Click on this link to learn more about the history of electrical power grids and their impact on our cities and overall societies. Therefore, in a way, when the electricity came to town, so did the anti-environmentalist circus of corporate madness.

When we think about acquiring energy in modern, clean ways, we usually think about solar and wind powered energy that will serve as an important counter to unclean, toxic combustibles like coal. People who want coal plants to remain open always talk about the fact that coal, when crushed over thousands of years, can become diamonds. Be that as it may, the coal we are currently using is about as useful to society as dinosaurs roaming the earth. Coal energy is from another time, and the fact that so many countries are refusing to advance their technologies to provide their people with clean, green energy is more evidence of the selfishness of many corporations.

What Are Our Modern Solutions?

People can be redirected towards energy procurement services that make mindful decisions to help them achieve the energy supply needs that will power their homes and businesses. Everything from construction jobs that need current for a set period of time to hospitals that need current every second of the day will require a current supply that is acquired responsibly. These energy solutions must be in compliance with existing laws because left up to human beings, we would simply generate and take as much power as we wanted without any consideration for the needs of nature. Short term electrical projects like construction work can be a great way to minimize the impact of the use of energy by making sure that current is procured in a manner that is respectful of the environment and sustainable.

When we look at solar-powered solutions, we find that power companies are more focused on making money than allowing residents in their jurisdictions to make environmentally friendly decisions. For example, power companies in America have taken individuals to court for installing solar panels on the roofs of their own houses, citing competitive breach of contract! Yes, you read that right: these companies have created such robust and impenetrable monopolies that they are threatened by one individual using solar power to do the right thing for the planet. They are worried that if someone manipulates solar structure successfully enough to save money on their bill or do away with power companies altogether, they will inspire their neighbors to do so and will ultimately build a massive movement that will threaten the financial bottom line of these corporations.

Yet again, we turn to corporate greed when thinking about the way that corporations handle their responsibilities to the environment. As a result, when we focus closely on energy procurement, we see that by merely providing yourself with current without the involvement of big business you are automatically existing in an activist space. Thankfully, there are many businesses that will help you acquire energy for construction projects or long-term solutions who will be mindful of the environmental needs of the earth surrounding your project by keeping you in compliance.